An ADU in Utah – Brilliantly Affordable

ADU solutions deliver affordability, flexibility, sustainability, expanded economic opportunity and housing stability to households across the state of Utah. High rent and home prices in the greater Salt Lake City area, and beyond, make it difficult for many individuals and families. “Adding modest, affordable homes to existing neighborhoods is an important tool to protect communities where all kinds of families, of all incomes, can afford to live.” says the Siteline Institute

Managing Tenants In Your Utah ADU

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge in renting is finding and managing the right tenants. Too many property owners side step this issue and are only too eager to occupy the property without proper screening or vetting. When possible a homeowner may want to consider hiring a professional property management company to take care of the tenant headache. If this is a homeowners first rental property, they may not want to go that expense. They may choose to self manage the ADU.

Utility Connections for Your ADU

Some may think that any building could serve as an ADU. However, there is a big difference between an ADU and a shed, garage, or outbuilding. The difference is connecting your ADU and home. An ADU is a full time dwelling unit and therefore it requires the complete connectivity to utilities that any home would need; Power, Water/Sewer and often time’s Natural Gas for heating.

Granny Flats Make a Comeback – As an ADU

Families are going back to the good old days of multi-generational living situations, and they aren’t just putting granny (or junior) in the extra bedroom. They are building elegant super cool in-law units. Another name for these types of rental areas is an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU. These ADUs can be over a garage, in a basement, or even in a totally separate building on a homeowner’s property. The ADU must be owned by the homeowner, but it can be rented out just like a rental. Here are some scenarios of the trending ADU growth…