Your ADU: From Yes to Your First Check

How do you get from your first yes to your first rental check when creating an ADU in Utah? You’ve done your homework. You know your city has an ADU ordinance, and you have a copy of it. Your zoned home and and lot meets the criteria to purchase your ADU. So what’s next? Let’s start right here.

ADUs as Retirement Income With Devin Peterson

Brooks Gibbs recently sat down with Devin Peterson on his Brighter Retirement Radio program to talk about how ADUs can supplement retirement income for seniors.

Brooks Gibbs on ADUs in Utah: What are they, why do they work, and what you can expect

Simply put, an ADU is a second living space created on a single-family residential property. It is considered an accessory to the primary dwelling space. An ADU is not an apartment or condo where you pay rent for time. This is referred to by city ordinances as an Accessory Dwelling Unit. 

The Origin Story: How ADU Utah Started

Brooks Gibbs started ADU Utah as the result of his own personal journey. Learn more about how he turned his retirement savings into income!