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Why Build an ADU?

ADU solutions deliver affordability,  flexibility, sustainability, expanded economic opportunity and housing stability to households across the state. High rent and home prices in the greater Salt Lake City area make it difficult for many individuals and families. “Adding modest, affordable homes to existing neighborhoods is an important tool to protect communities where all kinds of families, of all incomes, can afford to live.” says the Siteline Institute.


There are many people who are saying that building an ADU is expensive. Since the rules on ADUs were loosened there have been 27 applications* in Salt Lake City. Four of those pulled out because of the City Requirements.


Backyard or basement apartments give homeowners more flexibility, often allowing them to care for family members, earn income from a small rental, or support a young adult just starting out.

Economic and housing stability

Convenient and affordable housing near places people work builds economic security and housing stability for middle- and low-income families.

We’re Here to Help

This is where we can help! We have done the research for you and we know how to work with the City to help you achieve your goal.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, a rough estimate for an “accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, at $150,000 or more, depending on what it looks like.”

Sure, you could pay that much, but why? Depending on your property size, location, and what type of ADU you are wanting to build, our prices start at $78,000 – $130,000+. **

Why contact the City planner and wait for them to come out to your home when you can meet with one of our builders in the next few business days?

We know how the City works, they know us which makes the process much better for you.

If you choose to build the ADU yourself, we can still help with the other aspects of having an ADU, like surveys, working with the city, regulations, renting, managing, and making your ADU work for your financial future.

Working with other providers of ADUs may have hidden costs, so be sure to look into all they offer as well as all they do or don’t do for you.

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*Salt Lake Tribune
** This is an estimated cost. An on-site survey is required to provide the final installation cost.