Your ADU: From Yes to Your First Check - ADU Utah

How do you get from your first yes to your first rental check when creating an ADU in Utah? You’ve done your homework. You know that your city in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Utah, or Summit County has an ADU ordinance, and you have a copy of it. Your zoned home and and lot meets the criteria to purchase your ADU. So what’s next?

Let’s start right here.

Planning & Design

  1. Here’s where the fun starts. The first step is determining the size and potential placement that is allowed by your local city ordinance. Next, sit down with our design team and create an engineer-certified floor plan for your ADU.  You can look at some of our models here. What are you specifically needing? A rental property? Independent housing for an elderly relative? We will walk you through your design to make sure you don’t miss anything, like creating private outdoor spaces, since you are sharing a lot. Are you going to need additional parking space? Disability access? Additional security cameras, inside or out?
  2. Construction
    Once the plan has been approved by the city, which can take 2-6 weeks, the next phase is construction. Pre-construction site prep will include excavation and groundwork. It will also include planning the access to your ADU, like additional parking. Once the flat work is done, the foundation will be poured and utilities will be connected, which will take about 5 days. Your ADU will then go into framing, where the walls and roof go up.
  3. Inspections
    We know, we know, it’s the least favorite part of everyone’s process, however it is also the most crucial. Here’s why. Your utility connections, framing, and foundations are all inspected and will meet code before the finishing work, like sheet rock, cabinetry and paint go up. We take the quality of our work, and your investment, very seriously. Inspection standards will be met and then the fun stuff can start.
  4.  Finishing
    I don’t know about you, but this is always my favorite part. The bones of the ADU are in, and now we can start fleshing them out. On the inside, insulation will be hung and Sheetrock will follow. Then comes the taping and sanding. And more spackle and sanding.

    Oh wait.

    And more spackle and sanding

    Once the walls are as smooth as a baby’s you-know-what, then it’s time to review paint colors and start making this ADU your own.

    On the outside, we’ll be putting up the siding on your exterior walls, and finishing the roof. It’s almost done!

  5. Clean Up, Final Inspections, Landscaping
    Last but not least, we have the clean up and final inspections. Your construction section is over with this step. Your landscaping will go in, and any finishing work and clean up will be finished.

    If you are using your ADU as housing for an elderly family member, it’s time for the move in!

  6. Management Meet-Up
    As a part of your ADU process, we provide one year of property management with Real Property Service.  As an ADU owner, you now also own your own business. In this phase, and possibly even before, you will sit down with your property managers and come up with your rental marketing plan. They will walk you through the differences between short-term and long-term rentals, and what would work best for your family. They will also answer any other questions, like appropriate pricing, you may have. Next, your manager will help you position your rental in your chosen market. Then it’s time to sort through applications!
  7. CHECK!
    Congratulations! You have your first renter! We know it could be uncomfortable to live in fairly close proximity to your new neighbor, and be neighborly, while still maintaining boundaries as their landlord. Your property manager will handle all of that for you, like any maintenance needs as well as the billing and receipt of rent. They will issue you your first check.

    You turned your investment in your home into a business opportunity!