Granny Pods: An ADU Solution for Independent Elder Care - ADU Utah

With more than 23 million Americans taking care of their elderly parents, it’s a very hard decision: choose between allowing their parents to continue independence, at their risk, or moving them into a nursing home. As more and more stories break about lack of sufficient care in nursing homes, not to mention the prohibitive costs, many are looking at a different solution: Granny Pods.

MED Cottages are a unique blend of tiny homes and independent assisted living. These dwellings are made to fit in your backyard, with their small, 12×24 footprint, but are specifically designed with seniors in mind. Their price ranges from lower-cost units around $50,000 to $250,000, of course depending on the size and characteristics of the pod.

So what exactly is a Granny Pod? It’s like an ADU.

Think tiny house, but adapted to meet the unique needs of the elderly, including the necessary medical accessories, a video camera system that can be linked to their caretaker’s phone, and a virtual companion, which can help play reminders for medication, sugar checks, etc. MED Cottages have some very unique safety features as well, including floor cameras in the event of a fall, pill dispensers, and an intercom to allow the resident to call for help if needed without having to get to a phone.

There are two types of MED Cottages, with one being the MotherShip and the other is the LivingRoo. The LivingRoo is designed to be built inside a two-bay garage, while the MotherShip is on an RV platform. Both are designed to give family members peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is not only close by, but is also can be monitored while affording them the safest level of independence possible.

Studies have shown that loneliness can cause significant health risks for the elderly, and can pose higher risks for many conditions, like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, weakened immunity, anxiety, depression, or even Alzheimer’s disease. But here is what is exciting: elderly who are able to engage in meaningful and productive activities with others can live longer and maintain their well being, even improve their cognitive function.

 With a Granny Pod, (or Grandpa Pod, because we love them, too) your family member is close enough for daily visits from you or your grandkids, but have their own separate space, privacy, and safely monitored independence.

These pods can be designed to be temporary and/or movable, or you can design them with the idea of more permanent use.

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