Basement Apartment ADU in Utah

If you are looking into renovating your basement into a secondary living space, the ADU Utah team is just what you need to take on a project like this. From concept to completion, we will work with you to design a cost-effective plan for your lockout apartment area in your home.

Cost for renovation/remodelling in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Utah counties are $110 -$200/sq, ft. for the onsite work. Site work can include elements like addition of a side basement entrance, modifications to the underground plumbing in the basement, updated electrical service, expansion of windows for safe egress, etc. These additional costs can be from $10,000 -$35,000. To get to an accurate cost estimate, a plan for your specific project will need to be completed.

Download Brochure

For more information, download the brochure that is filled with many more details.


  • Custom designed
  • Meets city ADU requirements
  • Design of separate entry access
  • Mitigate sound between living spaces
  • Parking space and access planning
  • Build cost estimate $150/sq. ft.
  • Full construction plans available*

* ADU Utah’s ADU-B construction plans are a complete set of documents and engineered-design plans required for a building permit application with your city located in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Utah or Summit counties. Contact us for more information.