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ADU Utah: The Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.


Family and family life is one of the centers of personal peace and joy. Our purpose is to assist homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area, and surrounding counties, through the changes of life using an ADU as a tool to provide shelter, security, income, and service.


Financial concerns are always a top priority in a family. The demands and needs of finances over the lifetime of a family can be a challenge. We see that the implementation of an ADU strategy can adapt to these dynamic changes and provide the assistance homeowners deserve to work through these changes.


An accessory dwelling unit is an investment! Investments are made with the clear intention to bring future benefits. ADU success is much more than just putting a second living space on a property. Success will be created from the plan and management of this asset over many years to come.

Utah homeowners are doing much more than building an ADU, they are solving the puzzle for a new lifestyle and long term business/investment strategy. The implementation of an ADU strategy will have a significant impact on homeowners, their family, their finances, and their life through the years.

ADU success comes in working with a team of experienced partners who bring very specific and unique knowledge and skills about starting and completing an ADU project in the municipalities within Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Utah counties.

Brooks Gibbs

Founder | ADU Specialist

Seeking to find a financial solution for his retirement, Brooks discovered the growing opportunity of accessory dwelling units as a homeowners dream to serve family, finances, and community. Implementing an ADU as a part of a retirement strategy has inspired Brooks to bring this solution to others in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area and surrounding counties.

His 35 years of engineering, project management, and construction provide an excellent foundation for solving the physical challenges of building an ADU, however, it is his heartfelt desire to serve others in finding solutions to life’s challenges that motivate him to assist you in creating options for your life success.

Sheila J Davis

Director of Operations & Marketing

Sheila brings a wealth of experience as a Utah-based realtor, property manager, business manager, and digital marketing specialist to the team. She understands this business and how an ADU can be a game-changer for families.

Sheila is the Creator of YES! Women’s Network, which includes a nonprofit organization that empowers others to find a path to their dreams.

Her talents to create a better life experience through service to others truly assists you in traversing the path of becoming a successful ADU owner.

Robert Griffiths

Director of Development

Bob has experience in all facets of the Utah construction industry, as a contractor, project manager, and business manager. His skills in managing your ADU project will ensure quick, clean installation of your new living space.

Yet, it is his life experience faced through an adult son’s accident which gave Bob the desire to assist others.

Through adapting his home life and housing to meet the unique requirements for a separate in-home living space for his son and family, Bob is a great resource to ensure the success of your ADU plans. Bob understands your not just building a second living space you are creating a new life experience that needs to work for everyone.

The Team

Team is critical to the successful implementation of dreams. The leadership team establishes the vision and mission to assist with a successful strategy and implementation to create your ADU dream.  This leadership team has extensive skills and experience….but it’s their why, that bonds them together as a unit to serve you in this opportunity!

Brooks, Bob, and Sheila each have an internal drive to serve others. Each believing that purposeful living is central to the journey of peace and fulfillment in life.

“Our mission is to provide a path for individuals to create a successful plan of how an ADU can assist with financial and family goals from now and into the far future as changes occur with the family.”

This is what brings us together and why you will see we focus on your success, not on your ADU.

Our Trusted Partners

A team of Utah-based partners has been assembled to provide you with the expertise, experience and advice that can assist you in the following areas.

  • Construction
  • Financing
  • Property management
  • Air BnB rental management
  • Retirement/Financial planing
  • Business and Tax planning
  • Property and Liability insurance
  • Estate planing & protection
  • Assisted Living/Aging in place