Videos About How ADUs in Utah Work

Click on the videos below to learn more about accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Utah and how building one on your home can generate monthly income for your family.

How Can My Home Generate Income?

Creating a second living space and renting this out allows your property to generate and income. Use our ROI Calculator and see the income potential for your ADU.

What is an ADU?

Simply put an ADU is a second living space on your property. They have been around for years as basement apartment, garage apartment, mother in law suite etc.

How Are Others in Utah Having ADU Success?

An ADU can serve to support changing family, financial and community challenges. This is an example of how over time a single family’s ADU assisted them with the changes of life.

What Types of ADUs Are Offered?

Take a tour of the five models that have been designed to meet your dreams.